About The Artist

As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, I began my career as an apparel designer in New York City. I found myself becoming more interested in graphic design and photography so after 10 years as a fashion designer, I returned to school to earn a degree in Marketing Art and Design. This led to work as a graphic designer, still in the old days of "cut and paste".

Recognizing the power of the computer and since much of my work was producing technical drawings, I turned to AutoCAD software in it's earliest days. In 1984 I decided to become an authorized Autodesk reseller and Autodesk training center with a special focus on design visualization. My company, Configured Systems, Inc., also earned Adobe and Novell network authorization to offer a wider range of services and skills to our clients. We were repeat winners of the "Autodesk Superior Customer Service Award" based the high level of service and support that we provided to our clients in the New York/New Jersey/ Pennsylvania area.

Offers to buy my business led to it's sale in 1998 and happily allowed me to be able to do the work that I love best...photography and graphic design. It is satisfying to see my work used in advertising, books, magazines, corporate brochures and recognized with numerous awards.